Thursday, 15 May 2008

Cornerstones Author Lands First Book Deal

Cornerstones auth
or, Harriet Goodwin, has just landed her first two book publishing deal with Stripes Publishing, part of Magi Publications. Harriet was a winner of the SCBWI anthology competition for The Boy who fell down Exit 43 which was then snapped up by agent Sarah Davies of The Greenhouse Literary Agency.

Biog on Harriet:

Harriet read medieval English at Oxford University before training as a professional singer. She sang and toured with a number of internationally acclaimed ensembles before the birth of her four children, but now concentrates on oratorio and recitals. Just after the birth of her fourth child, she had a vivid dream about a boy who fell through the surface of the Earth into the Underworld – and thus this novel was born. Harriet lives in a remote village in Staffordshire, England, with her family.

Blurb on Exit 43:

Adventurous, charming and poignant by turns, THE BOY WHO FELL DOWN EXIT 43 is a quirky debut middle grade novel that shines a whole new light on themes of loss and healing.

Finn Oliver knows he’ll never come to terms with his father’s death, but joy-riding over the moors in his mum’s beat-up old car is a quick fix of freedom and forgetting. Until the accident happens – and Finn finds himself hurtling through the wafer-thin divide between the worlds of the living and the dead.

The Underworld dwellers know all about the Other Side, crossing over every now and then to give their descendants a helping hand. But the dead don’t like what they see up above: with torrential rain and flooding pounding the moors, the fragile barrier separating the living and dead, and the fires that maintain their existence, are threatened. Their only hope is an ancient prophecy: that a mortal child and a child of the Underworld will together unlock the Firepearl from its elemental enchantments and save the dead from disaster.

Finn Oliver – battered, sad and way out of his depth – is definitely mortal. Jessie Sherratt – lonely, Victorian and with a very broken neck – is definitely dead. But this particular journey to the centre of the earth is about to get very, very complicated . . .


Linda F Lawlor said...

Way to go, Harriet! SCBWI rules!

Paul Burman said...

This sounds intriguing. I look forward to seeing it on the shelves.