Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Vanity Publisher Serendipity Sued

Jacquie Blackett has won her case against Darlington based UK vanity publisher Serendipity. She took her case to the small claims court for failing to promote or sell her book.

"I was completely oblivious to the way vanity publishers operate. Initially they bombarded me with flattering letters and calls. Until you pay, they're all over you. But once they've got your money, they're not interested."

News story: Luton Today

Vanity Publishing is where a company agrees to publish your book. "They love it!" But they ask you to pay for production costs and will provide the finance for the marketing, publicity, warehousing and distribution and promise generous royalties.

Don't do it!

Here's what another vanity publisher Janus Publishing said when the editor of The View From Here submitted his novel The Dandelion Tree:

"Thank you for your letter ... We found this very interesting and we would be pleased to offer you a subsidised contract as we would be honoured to publish your book under the Janus imprint ... the investment required from you will be £4400.00."

Janus defended the cost required by saying it is compensated by the higher rate of royalties which are "more than treble" those paid by a trade publisher.

Needless to say The Dandelion Tree will not be appearing in the shops under Janus.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Blackwell to introduce The Espresso Book Machine to the UK

Blackwell will be the first retailer to bring The Espresso Book Machine (EBM) to the UK .

At 7 minutes for a 300 page book, it's not quite like taking money from an ATM, so it's not Star Trek, but pretty impressive non the less. See it in action here:

Now what would be Star Trek would be to choose a book on-line and then for your home version of the EBM to deliver the book to you. Preferably in seconds and preferably with a flash of light and some sound effects!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Two YouWriteOn Authors Secure an Apprenticeship in Fiction

of YouWriteOn's members have received two of four 'Apprenticeship in Fiction' places from 'Adventures in Fiction' which is supported by the Arts Council, and awarded to talented novelists with a view to eventual publication. The scheme is a one year professional development programme.

The writers are Jo Reed for her novel Rule of the Blood (formerly titled Rendail), and Wendy Wynde for her novel Ladder to the Moon.

Jo said: "I will be working with the novelist Liz Williams, who has many sci-fi/fantasy novels published by Tor/MacMillan, and will receive advice and input from literary agent Rupert Heath."

Wendy will be working for the next year with childrens' author Catherine Johnson.

The other winners were:Sheila Bugler for As Chance would have it and Lindsay Mckrell for The Pirate House.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Harry Potter Sales Exceed 400 Million

Worldwide sales of the Harry Potter books have now exceeded 400 Million according to JK's agent Christopher Little.

Big number! Let's give you an idea of how big ...

The US Census Bureau estimates that in 2043 there will be 400 Million Americans.

Way to go JK, perhaps you should form your own country and become a superpower!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Legend Survey

Legend Press are conducting a survey to understand the reading habits of the UK to aid their future marketing and publicity activities.

Results will be collated later this month.

Normally we wouldn't run a news story like this, but Legend are a small press and are helping to launch new authors into a difficult market, not some huge conglomerate trawling for information, so here at the magazine we're glad to help!

Click Here to take survey

Picture Credit: Rabateller

Monday, 9 June 2008

Faulk's Bond Breaks Sales Records

Literary author, Sebastian Faulks, writing "as Ian Fleming" has broken sales records with the 33rd Bond book , Devil May Care. Selling 44,093 in its first four days last week.

Faulk's described the commission as “like asking someone who writes complex, symphonic music to write a pop song”.

This week in the States the book debuted at number 8 in the New York Times and currently sits at the number one spot in and

Friday, 6 June 2008

Remainder to Black Box

Tom McCarthy talks about his exhibit 'Black Box Transmitter', a flight-recorder that transmits INS propaganda messages non-stop around a forty-kilometre area, in Stockholm's Moderna Museet, in the exhibition 'Eclipse: Art in a Dark Age'.

The exhibition, which also features work by Paul McCarthy, Mike Nelson, Dana Schutz and others, runs from May 31st to August 24th.

In the film Tom talks about how art and literature can work together.

In his first book Remainder Tom leaves his main character doing a figure of eight in a plane - so maybe this is the sequel to the book in art form where the plane runs out of fuel and his last moments are recorded on the Black Box? It would be a suitable end to a character that records and reconstructs his memories.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Writing Opportunities from Cinnamon Press

With their publishing schedule full well into 2010, Cinnamon Press writing awards offer not only cash prizes, but the prospect of a publishing slot with a contract for first poetry collection/ first novel or novella and short stories.

Previous winners and runners up have gone on to critical acclaim and gained further awards – Jane McKie was recently announced as Scottish book of the year best first book for Morocco Rococo; Ruth Leader’s The Peacock Room shortlisted for best first poetry collection in the 2007 Jerwood Aldeburgh Prize and Bill Greenwell’s Impossible Objects shortlisted for best first collection in the Forward prize.

Cinnamon Press Novel/la Writing Award:

First prize –£400 + publishing contract for debut novel of 50 – 80,000 words. Or debut novella of 20 – 45,000 words (adult or teen novels/novellas) Entries by post + sae. Submit first 10,000 words. Separate sheet – name, address, email, working title, nom de plume, novel/la word count. Five finalists submit full novel/la & receive appraisal. Entry - £16 per novel/la.

Cinnamon Press Poetry Collection Award:

First prize –£100 & publishing contract for first collection. Runners up published in anthology. Entries by post + sae. Submit 10 poems up to 40 lines. Separate sheet with name, address, email, collection title, nom de plume. Three finalists submit further 10 poems, any length. Entry - £16 per collection, includes free copy of winners’ anthology.

Cinnamon Press Short Story Aw ard:

First prize –£100 & publication. Up to ten runners up stories’ published in winners’ anthology. Entries by post + sae. Up to Length 2,000 – 4,000 words. Separate sheet – name, address, email, working title, nom de plume. Entry – £16 per story, includes free copy of winners’ anthology.

Deadlines – 30th June 2008.

Send entries to ...

Cinnamon Press,Meirion House,Glan yr afon,Tanygrisiau,Blaenau Ffestiniog,
Gwynedd, LL41 3SU.

For more info visit: