Thursday, 19 June 2008

Two YouWriteOn Authors Secure an Apprenticeship in Fiction

of YouWriteOn's members have received two of four 'Apprenticeship in Fiction' places from 'Adventures in Fiction' which is supported by the Arts Council, and awarded to talented novelists with a view to eventual publication. The scheme is a one year professional development programme.

The writers are Jo Reed for her novel Rule of the Blood (formerly titled Rendail), and Wendy Wynde for her novel Ladder to the Moon.

Jo said: "I will be working with the novelist Liz Williams, who has many sci-fi/fantasy novels published by Tor/MacMillan, and will receive advice and input from literary agent Rupert Heath."

Wendy will be working for the next year with childrens' author Catherine Johnson.

The other winners were:Sheila Bugler for As Chance would have it and Lindsay Mckrell for The Pirate House.

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