Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Vanity Publisher Serendipity Sued

Jacquie Blackett has won her case against Darlington based UK vanity publisher Serendipity. She took her case to the small claims court for failing to promote or sell her book.

"I was completely oblivious to the way vanity publishers operate. Initially they bombarded me with flattering letters and calls. Until you pay, they're all over you. But once they've got your money, they're not interested."

News story: Luton Today

Vanity Publishing is where a company agrees to publish your book. "They love it!" But they ask you to pay for production costs and will provide the finance for the marketing, publicity, warehousing and distribution and promise generous royalties.

Don't do it!

Here's what another vanity publisher Janus Publishing said when the editor of The View From Here submitted his novel The Dandelion Tree:

"Thank you for your letter ... We found this very interesting and we would be pleased to offer you a subsidised contract as we would be honoured to publish your book under the Janus imprint ... the investment required from you will be £4400.00."

Janus defended the cost required by saying it is compensated by the higher rate of royalties which are "more than treble" those paid by a trade publisher.

Needless to say The Dandelion Tree will not be appearing in the shops under Janus.

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