Friday, 11 July 2008

Lit - Crit Shifting Towards the Web.

John Sutherland has said that literary criticism is in decline, siting the role as un-sexy. Its hard to sex up he says and mentions author Amanda Foreman (opposite) who posed naked for Tatler as an exception.

"Last legs" is no exaggeration. I spend up to half the year in the US, where my daily paper there, the Los Angeles Times, has amputated its once distinguished literary supplement and grafted a stump thereof onto the "Opinion" (ie current affairs and editorial) section. The result is a dog's dinner. Crap-crit."

He blames the academics who give dull reviews.

"Many would sell their children into slavery to pay for the privilege of a lead piece in, say, the Saturday Guardian Review."

But, and here's the good bit, he says, "The liveliest opinion and the sharpest exchanges are currently to be found on the weblog."

Bring it on!

Source: Guardian

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