Friday, 1 August 2008

Room for new short fiction at Legend Press

Legend Press are looking for talented, vibrant authors to submit stories for consideration for the fourth in the short-fiction series, ‘The Short Story Reinvented’, planned for release at the end of March 2009.

“Short fiction is the perfect answer for the modern reader on the move who wants to read easily accessible, sleek contemporary fiction,” says Tom Chalmers, Managing Director at Legend Press. “Through this series we hope to reaffirm the short story’s inimitable place in the mainstream market.”

The short stories to be included will be selected in such a way that they will simultaneously complement and contrast one another. Entries should draw inspiration from a stream-of-consciousness style of writing and to follow the actions/thoughts of a single main character. It should reveal a mix of powerful snapshots from a range of different lives. As with all Legend Press publications, the fiction should be non-genre-specific (i.e. no fantasy, sci-fi, crime, heavy romance, historical fiction, or thrillers etc) and of an accessible, but high-quality writing style. There is no limitation on the time-scale of the story but there is a loose physical constriction; the majority of action/thoughts should take place within one room.

“The constriction of the setting we believe will create a broad collection of stories, each drawing the reader in from the first sentence, “said Chalmers. “The term ‘room’ is open to individual interpretation, in so many ways - from a standard kitchen, living room, bathroom to a wider setting such as a church or supermarket etc.”

Joel Willians, previous successful entrant says, "Winning a place in the first anthology was a fantastic feeling. I was in an Internet cafe in Peru when I got the email and couldn't stop whistling to myself all day. It felt as if I'd taken a giant leap forward as a writer." It has changed him and his writing style forever.

"Being published in “The Remarkable Everyday” really helped my confidence. I began to take my fiction writing a lot more seriously. Since then I've had another twenty odd stories published in magazines and been in another four anthologies. I've also achieved success in more than a dozen short story competitions. If it wasn't for getting 'Thursday' accepted, none of that might have happened."

Fellow winner, Josie Henley-Einion's first novel, 'Silence', is out now. On her blog, Josie, where asked to compare herself to famous people lists Madonna, Stephen Fry, Ellen Degeneres, Jodie Foster, Victoria Wood. Her motto: She came, she swore, she conked out. "Examining sexual violence and its repercussions, Silence is a gripping and stylish novel that questions the right of the media to scrutinise and control public judgement." It is Waterstone's Welsh Book of the Month for August.

Our own Paul Burman, of The View From Here, waits expectantly for the publication of his debut novel, “The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore” which will be published shortly by PaperBooks (UK) affiliated with Legend Press.

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Mike French said...

Exciting times at Legend.

It seems a long time ago that Tom launched The Remarkable Every Day; Legend were only starting to think of the possibilty of publishing full length novels back then.
In reality it was only a few years ago and they've come a long way in a short amount of time.