Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Introduction to the Stamps of Great Britain

September 16th is the 40th anniversary of the introduction of first class British postal service and two-tier stamp system.

"1968: The first day of the new two-tier postal system has had a mixed reaction from the public, with some queuing to buy the new 5d first-class stamps and others complaining the new system makes sending letters more difficult.

The Post Office is promising overnight delivery for letters with a fivepence stamp on, while fourpence buys you a slower service." From BBC History archives.

Introduction to the Stamps of Great Britain, a new book in Linn's non-fiction Handbook series, was published in August.

The book offers tips and suggestions on starting or improving a collection of Great Britain stamps. It is the sixth book in the Linn's Handbook series.

Authors David Alderfer and Larry Rosenblum base their book on their monthly Great Britain columns in Linn's on the wealth of collecting opportunities offered by British stamps.

The book is a compilation of the columns, and it includes new material.

Introduction to the Stamps of Great Britain comprises 10 chapters about British stamps arranged chronologically. Chapters are devoted to the Machin-head definitive stamps, Machin booklets and booklet panes, commemoratives and postage dues, postal history and collecting tips.

The book is lavishly illustrated with more than 350 pictures.

It provides a broad, yet detailed view of a variety of subjects, including history, printing methods, papers and luminescence, perforations, and stamps and culture.

About the Book:
Introduction to the Stamps of Great Britain is available in both hardcover and softcover format.

The retail price for the hardcover is $30 while the softcover sells for $25. The book is available from your favorite stamp literature dealer or direct from Amos Hobby Publishing at 800-572-6885 or and online at www.amosadvantage.com.

Other titles available in the Linn's Handbook series include United States Postal History Sampler by Richard B. Graham, Introduction to the Stamps of Mexico by Dale Pulver, Introduction to United States Revenue Stamps by Richard Friedberg and United States Postage Stamps of 1869 by Jon Rose.

(Material reference credit: Ed Flowers/Patti Mangan.)

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