Monday, 19 January 2009

Barack Obama's Inauguration Day Poetry

Professor Elizabeth Alexander, Poet, Playwright, Essayist and Teacher, will deliver a poem at Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration at the United States Capitol on January, 20, 2009. She is the fourth poet in history to be so honored. She will deliver her poem after president-elect Obama’s inaugural address.

She tells best on her website in her own words, what this will mean to her.

“Words matter. Language matters. We live in and express ourselves with language, and that is how we communicate and move through the world in community. President-elect Obama has shown us at all turns his respect for the power of language. The care with which he has always used language along with his evident understanding that language and words bear power and tell us who we are across differences, have been hallmarks of his political career. My joy at being selected to compose and deliver a poem on the occasion of Obama’s Presidential inaugural emanates from my deep respect for him as a person of meaningful, powerful words that move us forward. And as his campaign was a movement much larger than the man himself, I understand that as a country we stand poised to make tremendous choices about our collective future. The distillation of language in poetry, its precision, can help us see sharply in the midst of many conundrums. This is a powerful moment in our history. The joy I feel is sober and profound because so much struggle and sacrifice have brought us to this day. And there is so much work to be done ahead of us. Poetry is not meant to cheer; rather, poetry challenges, and moves us towards transformation. Language distilled and artfully arranged shifts our experience of the words – and the world views – we live in. This is only the fourth time in history that a President has featured a poet at his inaugural. I hope that this portends well for the future of the arts in our everyday and civic life.”

The poem will be made available from February 10th, as a chapbook from Graywolf Press. Price: $8.00 USD

Poetry 978-1-55597-545-6, 28 pages.

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