Wednesday, 18 February 2009

'Book of the Day': The Art of Being Dead

Today's 'Book of the Day' is Stephen Clayton's 'The Art of Being Dead'

Published in September 2008, this is Stephen's first published novel, although he has some short stories an poems published.

It is the late 1960’s and in a bleak Northern English town, a young man attempts to live his life without love, pain, or commitment, unaware that in his desire to avoid action he will eventually be drawn into a world of chaos, degradation and death.

Here are Stephen's thoughts on his inlcusion in Exclusively Independent: "As a recently signed writer to a small publishing house I am only too aware of the importance that small publishers play in bringing to the attention of the reading public works of originality and value that, otherwise, would probably never see the light of day. I am delighted that Legend Press has understood this and is determined to prove that excellence exists outside the confines of the mainstream publishing industry. There are many first time authors, myself included, who can only congratulate Legend Press in giving us the opportunity for our voices to reach a wider public. Hurrah!"

'The art of being dead is a brilliant book. Stephen Clayton is a significant new writer and should be hailed as such.' - Scott Pack. Read his full review on

Steve has appeared on local TV and Radio. BBC Radio Bradford, Leeds ,Manchester, Carlisle.
His book has been reviewed in The Yorkshire Post and The Northen Echo. There is a link to a podcast on The Yorkshire Post where you can hear Steve talk about his book and musical career.

He has been touring northern libraries doing readings and Q and A's about his book and publishing in general, and also talked about how difficult it is these days for new writers to get published.

This is a great book, and has had a positive reaction from the panel, " Provative, bleak, cold, and uncompromising" says Irend, Bookgroup Info. A novel to get you thinking.


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