Wednesday, 25 February 2009

'Book of the Day': Earth Inc.

Today's 'Book of the Day' is Michael Bollen's 'Earth Inc.'

Published by Picnic Publishing, Michael Bollen lives in Brigton as a librarian, and recording and perorming music under the name Casetteboy. 'Earth Inc' is his first novel.

Its 2052, corporations have taken over the world, and George just wants to go to bed. But a conspiracy of killer robots, cyber-terrorists, a mad scientist, a brain in a jar, and THE END OF THE WORLD prevent this from happening. Again, and again, and again...

'Earth inc.' is a wonderfully funny and surreal, satirical sci-fi novel. Just what one would expect from a brilliant new writer, and pioneering underground techno musician who moonlights as a librarian.

'A funny, charming, inventive comic novel. Michael Bollen's warmth, sharp wit and eye for satirical detail reminded me of Douglas Adams.

Quite possibly the best work of fiction since The Bible.' - Stephen Merchant, The Office, Extras

'Funny and very silly, like a particularly manic Douglas Adams - a world entirely taken over by corporations, a reluctant hero, killer robots...Good stuff!' - Roy, Dulwich Bookshop


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