Friday, 20 February 2009

'Book of the Day': Rumblestrip

'Today's Book of the Day is Woodrow Phoenix's 'Rumblestrip'

A powerful and darkly humorous polemic by a leading British cartoonist that investigates our increasingly dangerous relationship with cars.

Rumble Strip surprises, challenges, asks us questions that badly need answers and makes us think about things we may prefer to ignore. Woodrow Phoenix’s dry, sometimes painfully mordant wit, backed up by accident statistics, personal observations and case histories, offers a trenchant analysis of the problems of road users everywhere and the risks we all take every day. With sharp, densely inked graphics, he immerses us in the narrative as if we are driving those cars or walking along those streets. He personalises the experience of the commuter, the driver, the pedestrian, the accident victim...because any one of them could be us.

'Drawn in crystal-clear black and white, this polemic ...weighs the cost of our automobile dependency to the last penny, literal and metaphorical. It is an angry essay on latecapitalist culture, an alarm bell, a long, hypnotic visual poem and a rigorous argument all rolled into one utterly original work of genius. It should be made mandatory reading for everyone, everywhere.' - The Times

''Every so often a book like this comes along, one which allows fresh vision, even a change of mindset. Brilliant... Rumble Strip is a crucial revelation.' - Ali Smith

'Brilliant. Angry, articulate, bewildered, and beautifully drawn; a visceral blast of truth-telling against the cult of the road. They should be giving it away with new driving licences.' - Jon McGregor

'For a graphic work that doesn't show a single human being, this is an extraordinarily human book. Its ideas and questions about how the car impacts on your life will echo in your mind long after you've finished reading it, whether you're a driver, or a pedestrian, or both.' - Paul Gravett

Adding some great variety to the selection, Rumblestrip is a powerful graphic novel. A book to open our eyes and realise the dangers of the road, while at the same time, be packed with beautiful illustrations.


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