Tuesday, 24 February 2009

'Book of the Day': Tru

Today's Book of the Day is Eric Melbye's 'Tru'

'Tru' has been published by Flame books, 'Tru' is an "utterly tragic memoir and offers a fragile prayer for us all."

'Tru' is the story of Gertrude Hayes, a lifelong social outcast living out her final days in a residential home. When Tru's only genuine friend gives her a journal, the restless ghosts of her past close in on her, demanding that she confront the memories she so desparately wants to leave behind. Deeply afraid, Tru begins to write.

Interweaving imagination and observation, Tru journeys through recollections of loss, longing, love, and isolation, as she attempts to rediscover hope and forge a new sense of self. With humour and grace, her startling narratives and poignant meditations explore patterns of life and destiny, and the role of stories in our consciousness, forming an exquisite account of a unique woman's experience of the world.

Eric Melbye is an associate professor of English and Creative Writing at Miami University- Middletown, and Editor of Segue online literary journal. His fiction and poetry have been published in a number of magazines and online journals. He co-edited, with Michelle Lawrence Under Our Skin: Literature of Breast Cancer (The Illuminati Press, 2006). A Wisconsin native, Eric currently lives in Ohio, with his wife and two children. 'Tru' is his first novel.

‘A poignant and beautifully crafted memoir’ - Irene, Bookgroup Info


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