Thursday, 26 February 2009

'Book of the Day': What's Wrong With Eating People?

Today's 'Book of the Day' is Peter Caves' 'What's Wrong With Eating People?'

Published by Oneworld Publications in September 2008, Peter Cave's work poses philosphical questions about life, in a humourous way, supported by 16 original illustrations. From the bestselling author of 'Can a Robot be Human?'

Peter's second volume of puzzling paradoxes, logical loopholes, and classic conundrums carves up life's most important questions with clarity, sparkle, and humour. Served with generous helpings of tall stories and quirky cartoons, 'What's Wrong With Eating People?' boasts a menu ranging from politics to love, ethics to art. A feast of fun for all ages - expecially those who loved the brilliantly successful 'Can a Robot be Human?'

'Britain's wittiest philosopher on top form' - Raymond Tallis, author of 'The Kingdom of Infinate Space'

'Bound to spark lively debates around the dinner table' - Rick Lewis, editor of 'Philosophy Now'

Peter teaches philosophy at City University, London. He has lectured around the world, often writes for Philosophy Now, and has written and presented philosophy programmes for the BBC. He lives in Soho.

This book is witty, energetic, and thought provoking. These philosophical puzzles will challenge, and entertain you at the same time.


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