Monday, 16 February 2009

'Book of the Day'

Today's 'Book of the Day' is Candi Miller's 'Salt & Honey'

Published by Legend Press in 2006, 'Salt & Honey' offers a rare glimpse into an endangered culture, providing an epic, moving and fascinating story of endurance and understanding

In a southern Africa violently split during Apartheid, Koba is taken away from her Kalahari desert-tribe after witnessing her parents being murdered by a party of white hunters. She slowly learns to adapt and survive in a dangerous but beautiful environment. However, she is plagued by the knowledge that unless she leaves those who have grown to love her, she faces exile from her own people. The only answer may be to risk all through the brutal laws that condemn her.

A bit of publicity for the book:
Borders Book Group of the Month – March 2008
2008 World Book Day Top 10 books website Book of the Month

'An evocative and intriguing read.' - Heat Magazine

'If you only buy one book this autumn, I strongly recommend you make it Salt & Honey.'

'I was completely and willingly emotionally captivated by this book. There are moments of excruciating agony and sadness, at times almost overwhelming but also moments of great wisdom, clarity and hope as Candi Miller focuses on the bigger picture… a book to have and to hold and to savour’ - Dovegreyreader, top UK book-blogger

I'd have to say that 'Salt & Honey' is one of my personal favourites from Legend Press and Paperbooks. The plot is exciting, heart-warming and intriguing with this inspiring African influence running through it. I highly recommend this one, if I do say so myself!


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