Thursday, 12 February 2009

Legend Press, in conjunction with the Arts council England, launched an innovative scheme at Christmas last year entitled ‘Exclusively Independent’ aimed at bringing independent bookshops and independent publishers together. Initially based in London bookshops, the reaction has been overwhelming, and the scheme is now featured in a selection of London Libraries.

To highlight independent talent, we have created a shelf-size display of the best books from independent publishers, selected on a monthly basis by an industry panel; the initiative offers POS, promotional discount and high-profile marketing support to the bookshops.

This month’s selection consists of Salt & Honey by Candi Miller (Legend Press), Fat Tuesday by Gary Davison (Paperbooks Publishing), What’s Wrong with Eating People? by Peter Cave (One World Trade), 1948 A Soldiers Tale by Uri Avnery (One World Trade), White Man Falling by Mike Stocks (Alma), Tru by Eric Melbye (Flame Books), The Art of Being Dead by Stephen Clayton (Bluemoose), A Week at Waterloo by Magdalene De Lancey (Reportage Press), and Rumblestrip by Woodrow Phoenix (Myriad Editions).

The scheme will be featured in Hammersmith and Fulham Libraries initially followed by Westfields Centre in the following months. The following Independent Bookshops will also be taking part: Dulwich Bookshop, Bookseller Crow on the Hill, Bolingbroke Bookshop, Eastside Bookshop, Primrose Hill, Housmans and Peckham Review.

To promote the project further, we will be arranging book readings and signings at both the shops and libraries within the next few weeks to help publicise the titles and showcase independent talent.

I'll be updating the blog hopefully on a daily basis, so keep an eye out for all the recent news, and events, from whats happening on and around the project!

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