Friday, 6 March 2009

Guest Blogger: Candi Miller - Author of Salt & Honey

Today's Guest Blogger is Candi Miller. Her book is one of the first books published by Legend Press back in 2006, and was shortlisted for World Book Day Top 10.

Just fancy…. almost three years on, a young African girl dressed in beads and animal skins can still cast a spell across the water, to get herself noticed.

Koba is a San (Bushman) girl whose tale of survival is told in my 2006 novel, Salt & Honey. The stories surrounding my desert research for the novel would make another, but they’re all true, including the one about the elephant charge, the veld fire and the snake. Stranger to me, is what has happened to my little book along the way: shortlisted for World Book Day in 2008; translated into French and Italian with German rights pending and now, selected for the Exclusively Independent promotion. Who’d have thought it?

That it has been noticed, I’m grateful for, especially for the EI selection. What a worthwhile initiative; well-done Legend Press and the Arts Council for making it happen! I’m so glad the little guys are getting some attention.

Should anyone read and enjoy Salt & Honey, please bear with me while I write the sequel. It features adult Koba alive and kicking up dust devils in the Kalahari while she tries to establish her self-identity. Of course she’ll be in jeopardy, in love, in lust and in charge… though in what order, remains to be seen.

Here’s hoping it’s a good week for book sales at Exclusively Independent stores.


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