Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Guest Blogger: Megan Taylor - Author of How We Were Lost

Today's Guest Blooger is Author Megan Taylor. Her novel 'How We Were Lost' was selected for the first cycle of EI. Her work is published by Flame Books.

‘How We Were Lost’ – Found Again

In June 2007, I opened a package from Flame Books. My hands were, quite literally, shaking. Inside, nestled between the brown paper and bubble-wrap, was a brand new novel – ‘How We Were Lost’ by Megan Taylor. It had actually happened. I was published.

It was a moment I’d daydreamed about since childhood. A wish I’d hardly dared to believe would ever actually come true.

‘How We Were Lost’, this story of a young girl’s search that had so possessed me (I’d written it frantically, almost compulsively, in snatched moments between small children) could now belong to other people too. To say I was ecstatic might well be an understatement.

When I found out that my book was to be one of the first titles to be featured in Legend’s ‘Exclusively Independent’ promotion in December last year, my feelings were similar – and not just because I felt so lucky, personally.

With ‘Exclusively Independent’, Legend Press have already achieved so much, creating vital links between independent authors, presses and booksellers, and reaching out to many new readers. This initiative is bold and generous and especially important right now, amidst the challenges of our current, ever-shifting economic climate.

Since ‘How We Were Lost’ was released, a lot has changed for me too. I can now (almost) think of myself as a Proper Writer. I’m approaching the end of a Creative Writing MA and have completed my second novel, ‘Before the Light’.

But when I take my turn to read, alongside all those wonderful and genuinely Proper authors at Hammersmith Library on March 18th, I know that my hands will still be shaking. And, as well as being enormously grateful, I’ll still be ridiculously excited too. Because some things, happily, haven’t changed at all.


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