Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Guest Blogger: Sean Wood - Flame Books

Today's Guest Blogger is Sean Wood. Flame Books have so far had three titles to selected as the 'Independent Picks of the Month'.

Independent publishing helps sustain the variety of books available, and the originality, quality, and depth in the writing. We’re delighted to have ‘Tru’ selected for the Exclusively Independent scheme this month, as for us the book is a great example of the kind of book that is suited to the independent route.

We were drawn to publishing ‘Tru’ because the central character of Getrude “Tru” Hayes spoke so strongly to us through Melbye’s well-crafted language. The story has an atmosphere about it which is mysterious and enveloping, and moves subtly but profoundly into the experience of reading the book. It is this manner of touching the reader, which grows throughout, which makes it such a rewarding read. This is not the kind of element which may so easily suit the mainstream publishing and marketing model, but selection for the Exclusively Independent scheme demonstrates its worth, and why we need to celebrate independent publishing and bookselling.

The independent sector can find real gems, because it is willing to take risks and keep its doors open. Most of our authors are previously unpublished writers, and submitted their manuscripts to us directly by email, not through agents. We are keen to nurture new talent at this level, and to do so in close contact and co-operation with the authors. We consider their best interests at all times, and our long-term goal is to increase the percentage of royalties we are able to offer to authors. We hope to grow collectively with this approach, and continue to provide readers with a high standard of unique books.


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Mike French said...

Good luck with Tru Sean and getting some good stuff out there!