Thursday, 26 March 2009

Some nice reporting!

It was really nice to stumble upon this bit of feedback for EI and the event last week.

Kevin from Bluemoose Books runs a blog 'The Moose That Roared', and on it details the most recent news from the company, as well as general thoughts on what's happening in the industry. When talking about the event, Kevin says, "Sixty people turned up to listen to a varied array of talent and different stories from the six authors there to read form their newly published novels. All very exciting. There was a Q and A about indie publishing and a vibrant and hopefully informative evening was had by all."

The project has been running for about six months now, and is an ongoing scheme that is going from strength to strength. So it's reassuring to hear what the publishers involved think of the project, and the effect it has had on them individually. In the process from submissions, to selection, to distribution, and ongoing publicity, it's really interesting and quite refreshing to hear what all of the work has meant to those involved.

So have a look at where you can read the full report of feedback about EI, as well as catch up on what the latest news is from Bluemoose Books.


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