Thursday, 19 March 2009


First Exclusively Independent Event Pictures

Last night was the first Exlusively Independent Event at the Hammersmith Library, and what a success it was!

Authors Michael Marr, Michael Bollen, Shanta Everington, Megan Taylor, Peter Cave, Woodrow Phoenix and Stephen Clayton each shared with us a reading from their books, and an insight into their work as a whole.

We also heard from Kevin of Bluemoose Books and David Herbert, Head of Libraries and Archives on how they felt about the project, and independent publishing.

The venue had a great turnout with readers and people from the industry, coming along to listen and offer numerous questions at the Q&A session.

It's nice to now relax knowing that the first event went down a storm, and I'm eager to organise another one in the near future.

The photos were taken by Adrian Lewis or contact him on

So click on the image above, and have a look through the photo album.


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