Thursday, 2 April 2009

As I announced yesterday, 'The Angel Makers' by Jessica Gregson (Paperbooks) is one of the final ten titles for this next cycle of Exclusively Independent. We are delighted with the success of this novel, being sold in around ten other countries.

Based on a harrowing true story – The Angel Makers is a gripping tale of superstition and prejudice, desperation and love, the bitter aftershocks of which linger throughout your mind like the ghostly visions of Sari's dreams.

The bleak Hungarian plain, 1914, an isolated village shrouded in superstition and rumours of witchcraft . Outcast from village life, Sari is tormented by a loneliness like no other. The daughter of a Taltos, Sari has the second sight and a reputation as a witch.

At the outbreak of war, the men of the village are called away to fight and a powerful bond develops between the women left behind. Sari, for the first time, finds herself with friends. However, these friendships come at a price as the women struggle to hold on to the freedom that war has brought them.

Things take a sinister turn and suspicions are alerted, as one by one the villagers begin to uncover Sari’s dark secret . . .

About the Author:

Jessica Gregson, 28, has a degree in Anthropology from Cambridge and a Masters in Development from LSE. Jessica has worked as a policy advisor for the home office and a humanitarian worker in Sudan. Jessica has just started a PhD at SOAS in London.

The books will be in shops within the next week or so, and check back here tomorrow to find out which additional shops will be showcasing the display this month.


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