Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Bookseller Supplement coverage

A few weeks ago now, I was interviewed by Hannah Davies regarding Exlusively Independent, and what the future holds for the project. A few weeks later, we have this full page spread giving a thorough report on EI, how it began, it's current status and what was next on the agenda.

"One of the primary challenges for independent publishers, particularly in the current climate where retailers are increasingly trying to reduce their risk, is to get bookshops to invest in their books.

Last year, in recognition of this problem and in a bid to overcome it, independent publisher Legend Press, with support from Arts Council England, launched the scheme Exclusively Independent. Its aim is to improve the relationship between independent publishers and independent booksellers and raise the profile of the books they publish.

Butlin’s bookshop is one of the participating stores which takes five copies of each of the selected titles. He thinks the initiative (which now has two cycles under its belt) provides a great way to keep his stock interesting and support the publishers and authors who often do not get seen by customers. “The 50% discount makes it more viable, because we wouldn’t normally take these books in this kind of quantity. We have sold more titles that we would have done without the scheme and customers have been making positive comments,” he says."

We really appreciate such great coverage. To read the full article, have a look at page 8 of The Bookseller Supplement this week.


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