Monday, 20 April 2009

EI Mention from Caroline interview

Caroline Rance, author of Kill Grief from Picnic Publishing, was interviewed by Vulpes Libris. There were a couple of mentions of Exclusively Independent, so many thanks to Caroline. The interview was really interesting, a great insight into the novel, as well as what inspired the author.

Here's a snippet:

"One of ten books chosen for the Arts Council backed Exclusively Independent Initiative (an Arts Council-backed scheme bringing together indie publishers with independent bookshops) Kill-Grief is described by publishers Picnic Publishing as full of 'the clap, alcohol and amputations'.

"Here, Caroline talks to RosyB about unusual heroines, writing about addiction and the smell of mud in 17th century Chester.

"At the beginning of Kill-Grief, Mary arrives in Chester having lived all her life in a tiny coastal village, so she is overwhelmed by the noise, the atmosphere and the sheer number of people. This gave me more scope to describe the city in detail than I would have had if she’d been blasé about it all.

"I pictured Mary as a loner with a fiery streak, but that was about it to begin with. As I went through the countless re-writes and edits of the book, her character developed in some directions I didn’t expect. She became increasingly complex as I added more layers to the book, and I found that her self-reliance was rooted in vulnerability. She has never been able to count on anyone, so she isolates herself as a way to survive."

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