Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Next Selection Announcement!

We are now into the fourth cycle of Exclusively Independent and I am very proud to announce the final ten titles!

Crime and Punishment from Self Made Hero. An adaptation of Dostoevsky's classic of Russian Literature, this graphic novel broaches a wide range of themes.

Saxby Smart: Private Detective - The Eye of the Serpent from Piccadilly Press. An exciting children's book giving you puzzling cases, and clues to help solve the mystery.

Angel Makers from Paperbooks. A gripping novel involving witchcraft, suspicion, desperation and love. A secret that holds dark repurcussions.

Poets in View from Salt Publishing. A unique, full colour anthology gathering together for the first time significant portraits of fifty major British and Irish poets, along with a classic poem by each writer.

Paprika from Alma Books. Exploring the balance between reality and fantasy, the author Tsutsui demonstrates his quirky, surreal and compelling narrative.

Kill Grief from Picnic Publishing. Based in Chester from 1756, Mary tries to move forward with her new life. Her past begins to haunt her as she hopes for an independent future. Now she must decide whether addiction is a fair price to pay for love.

Unfolding Islam from Garnet Publishing. A new addition setting out to present Islam to non-Muslim readers in the aftermath of 9/11. The story shows how it has achieved its special balance of constancy and flexibility. The controlling position of the Prophet, the unique authority of the Koran and the strength of the Muslim family give the religion its enduring central core.

Riversmeet from Muswell Press. An escapee from slavery arrives in Britain to argue for the abolitionist cause. He meets indifference until his presence begins to sway public opinion. Douglass will have to answer the question 'how do we confront the evils of the world in which we live'?

The Blue Fox from Telegram. Described as a magical novel, the fates of the characters involved are intrinsically bound, and gradually, surprisingly, unravelled in this spellbinding fable that is part mystery, part fairy tale.

And finally, The Year of the Hare from Peter Owen Publishing. When a small incident results in a life changing experience for one man as he decides to break free from the world's constraints. This is a story is a situational comedy, with sharp wit that makes this a great book.

So there you have it! The final ten titles will be displayed in Hammersmith and Fulham Libraries, as well as a selection of bookshops across the UK. So keep an eye out for the 'Exclusively Independent' POS, and be sure to find the very finest of independent talent, this month.


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Mike French said...

Excellent well done to those who got listed.

We are going to do a big feature on Paprika at the magazine with an interview, review and artwork from our artist. Look out for it coming soon!