Thursday, 16 April 2009

Quotes from the Panel

Part of the POS is an A4 Quote Sheet which details quotes from one panel member on each title. It's just a nice, simple way for quickly sumarising the title to the reader, letting them know what we thought of it. So here it is:

The Angel Makers
‘A finely tuned historical novel; well balanced, well-written and thoroughly gripping.’ – Lauren, Legend Press

Unfolding Islam
‘A compelling, concise and accessible history.’ – Steve, The Book Depository

The Blue Fox
‘Lyrical and haunting, The Blue Fox is part thriller, part fable, set in the unforgiving Icelandic winter.’ – Irene, Bookgroup Info

Crime and Punishment
‘A masterful adaptation of one of Russia’s literary classics; dark, dramatic and fascinating.’ – Lauren, Legend Press

Kill Grief
‘A story of its time – earthy, enchanting and yet subdued.’ – Tom, Legend Press

Poets in View
‘A beautiful collection of poets spanning four centuries. Each provides individual beauty, importance and meaning.’ - Lauren, Legend Press

‘Welcome to the surreal world of Yasutaka Tsutsui where you will be taken on a poetic, graphic and often very funny experience.’ – Irene, Bookgroup Info

The Year of the Hare
‘An act of kindness acts as a catalyst, turning a journalists life upside down.’ – Debby, Reader Development Librarian

‘The story moves at a fast pace and you just have to find out what will happen next, complex and ultimately unforgettable.’ – Tom, Legend Press

Saxby Smart: Private Detective – Eye of the Serpent
'Eye of the Serpent' - the latest in the excellent Saxby Smart series, this is another fun collection of cases for the schoolboy detective - and the reader - to solve. Perfect for 8-12 year-olds.’ – Roy, Dulwich Bookshop

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