Friday, 29 May 2009

Everyone's talking about 'Earth Inc'!

Mike Bollen, author of 'Earth Inc' from Picnic Publishing has posted the 'Bloody Apprentice' video on YouTube, and the reaction has been phenominal!

According to Mike, the clip is currently the most watched on youtube, even beating Britain's got Talent clips.

The news has also been featured in The Metro, The Guardian and Heat magazine's website.

'I've been working on this video for a couple of months, on and off. I watched 45 episodes of The Apprentice (most of them several times), and material from 43 of them made it into the final piece. Basically, it was a lot of work...A quick word of warning first - it's a little bit smutty, so if you watch it at work, one of you will get fired.'

Have a look for yourself on Mikes' blog:


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