Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Online Bookshop

Now taking part in Exclusively Independent is online bookshop Editotum!

'Editotum is somewhere to find everything to do with books. Over 800,000 titles are available to buy from our online bookshop, for delivery to any address worldwide. As an independent bookseller, we are also very happy to be participating in the "Exclusively Independent" scheme, highlighting titles by independent publishers.

Editotum is an independent bookseller, and although we offer most books from nearly every category, we are particular fans of certain genres: Original new fiction & short stories, Sci-Fi, Horror & Ghost Stories, Crime & Mystery, and Adventure & Thrillers.

Like any good bookshop, Editotum wants to be at the heart of their community. Somewhere not just to buy books, but talk about them too. Somewhere where readers and writers can meet. Somewhere to find everything to do with books. Except our community is online; which means that anyone, anywhere, at any time, can join in.

We can't quite claim to be "exclusively independent", although we participate in that excellent scheme. Many fine titles are published by large multimational or conglomerates. However, we're keen to promote independent publishers, as we feel they are often more likely to judge a book on it's literary merits rather than in commercial terms. Often it's the indies that have the best original works, and that's what we love to read, and that's why we like to bring books by independent publishers to your attention.'

Go to www.editotum.co.uk and have a look for yourself! You can click on the Exclusively Independent logo, and purchase one of this cycles' fantastic final ten titles.


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