Thursday, 9 July 2009

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IT was a hot and steamy night….

inside Fulham library’s large reading room last Thursday. 28 degrees on the city streets outside, indoors even hotter as members of the public prepared to sweat it out with the five authors in the Exclusively Independent line-up. On arrival, I was seized by one of a large contingent of library staff and taken to their leader, the enthusiastic Debbie Wale via a table full of wine bottles where I had something fortifying thrust into my hand. (I think the kindly librarian heard my knees knocking when I caught sight of the audience, already seated with several insouciantly scarfed. (My son whispered: “You can tell from the drapery that they know a lot of words.” Sigh; the boy’s no comfort to me.)

I had to ask my host to point Lauren Parsons out to me (I live in the Midlands, so we’ve never actually eyeballed.) Lauren turned out to be the pretty young thing at the front, clearly doted on by the handsome young man at her side.

And by me; what a good show the gal put on! Her welcome was clear and sincere and somehow she managed to get five wilfully independent authors to stay on theme and distract the audience from the heat. We wordsmiths got laughs, we got rapt attention, we got interesting questions.

We’ll definitely come again.

Thank you Lauren and Legend Press for yet another innovative idea. I felt proud to be one of your authors.

Candi Miller

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