Wednesday, 23 September 2009

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Previously featured in Exclusively Independent was Jasmine's Tortoise by Corinne Souza, published by Picnic Publishing. A fantastic read, the title was featured for it's dynamism, creativity and thrilling read.

"Lauren Parsons’ manners are too good: she asked me to blog on JASMINE’S TORTOISE knowing I was in a complete twitch about whether or not the book would be selected in the Exclusively Independent ballot. I guess it was her way of offering a sort of consolation prize if it wasn’t. In the event, it was. The relief was indescribable. To date, all Picnic Publishing titles submitted have been selected. It would have been mortifying to deliver the only dud to break the 100% success record.

Having accepted, and looking for blogging inspiration - otherwise known as plagiarism - I checked out the EI website: up popped a panel of national flags for people to click on if they need the site translated. As a result, what was meant to take two seconds took far longer as I tested my flag knowledge. I came unstuck on the Korean one. Needless to say, I also forgot what the flags were for and was just about to zap off a letter to complain that the Union flag was not flying when I remembered: translation, you idiot – the site is already in English . . .

‘Translation’ is how I see fiction: a vehicle to translate different lives and neighbourhoods into street history. For this reason, in JASMINE’S TORTOISE which is a spook thriller, I have stripped out the usual genre world of technology, military hardware and operative, placing a civilian cosmopolitan community at the heart of the story. It is about the espionage once ‘enjoyed’ by consenting adults of the major Cold War states and the impact this had on those who did not consent: children, families, neighbours. Traditionally, in fiction and non-fiction, the innocents caught up in espionage have always been an add-on whereas in my book they are central. The novel is part spook thriller, part who-dunnit. It covers forty years and has a myriad of characters. One reader commented: ‘Once I got beyond the pain barrier, I was absolutely hooked.’ I hope you are too.

My thanks to Lauren Parsons of Legend Press, as well as the Arts Council, for the Exclusively Independent Initiative and this opportunity to talk about my novel.

With best wishes, Corinne

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I'm craving to read your book(s), now that I have found your trace.
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