Friday, 30 October 2009

Link to Capuchin Classics blog...

As mentioned before, We the Accused from Capuchin Classics will be featured in the new cycle of Exclusively Independent.

A dark compelling story of obsession, murder, and their consequences, and rated among the best ever 100 crime novels by Sunday Times readers.

Click here to visit Capuchin Classics' blog to read how they feel about featured in the project.


Thursday, 29 October 2009

Early Christmas News!

I know it's not even Halloween yet, but I'm bringing a bit of Christmas cheer already...

As Christmas is the busiest time of year, we're going to leave the next cycle of Exclusively Independent in stores for twice the normal amount of time, running through November and December.

The next cycle will be arriving in stores and libraries shortly, and will stay put until refreshed in the new year.

So if you're looking for that perfect Christmas present, you'll have plenty of time to pop into your local independent bookshop, and stock up!


Monday, 26 October 2009

Capuchin Classics Blog

Included in the next round of Exclusively Independent is Raymond Ernests' We, The Accused (Capuchin Classics)

Clive Stafford Smith wrote the Foreword to the novel, see below for a sneak peak...

For the past 25 years, the death penalty has been a part of my daily work. I am very grateful that the overwhelming majority of the people I have represented have avoided the execution chamber, but my mind can rarely avoid memories of the six men who have died.

One was Nick Ingram. He and I were born in the same hospital – a maternity ward in Cambridge – but we only met on his arrival on Georgia’s Death Row. We became close friends over the twelve years that I tried to stave off his execution and as I close my eyes, I still see the images, seared into my brain like black and white negatives: Nick dying in the electric chair.

I am not quite sure why I agreed to consider writing a brief foreword to We, The Accused by Ernest Raymond. I am very glad that I did, because it is a magnificent read, and certainly enriches the canon on the subject of capital punishment, in line with the goals of the Capuchin series – reviving unjustly forgotten works. While the book has been out of print, the film world saw the potential in Raymond’s tale of murder­in­marriage: Alfred Hitchcock considered it for production (but was deterred by its ‘downbeat’ nature) and the BBC created a series starring Ian Holm in 1980. But it as a novel that this story is most powerfully told,as it is Raymond’s precise and thoughtful prose that makes the narrative so mesmerizing.

To pick up a copy, visit any of the participating EI bookshop after 3 November to see the new selection taking pride of place.


Thursday, 22 October 2009

Bonnie Greer on Question Time!

Tonight, Bonnie Greer - author of Obama Music featured in this cycle of Exclusively Independent - will be appearing opposite BNP leader Nick Griffin on Question Time.

There's lots of controversy surrounding the presence of the BNP, in what seems to be one of the highest profile appearances, the show has had to date.

BBC1 10:35pm - be sure not to miss out!


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Ellie Levenson Event Tonight!

Previously featured in Exclusively Independent was Ellie Levenson's novel The Noughtie Girl's Guide to Feminism.

Tonight at 7:30pm, Muswell Hill Library, Ellie will be reading from her book, before opening the session up to Q&A.

So if you are in the area, do pop along for what sounds like an interesting and entertaining evening!


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

New Selection of Titles!

Into the November cycle now, and the new titles for Exclusively Independent have been chosen!

HEARTLAND by Anthony Cartwright (Tindal St Press)
MI5 WAKING THE WORLD by Matt Thomas (Tony Potter)
MR DARCY, VAMPYRE by Amanda Grange (Sourcebooks Inc)
WE, THE ACCUSED by Ernest Raymond (Capuchin Classics)
MRS LINCOLN by Janis Cooke Newman (Myrmidon)
ROADS AHEAD edited by Catherine O'Flynn (Tindal Street Press)
A SON CALLED GABRIEL by Damian McNicholl (Legend Press
OBAMA MUSIC by Bonnie Greer (Legend Press)
PASTORS AND MASTERS by Ivy Compton-Burnett (Hesperus Press)
THE GHOSTS OF EDEN by Andrew JH Sharp (Picnic Press)

Non fiction, fiction, children's books, short stories, and a reprinted classic added to the mix, hopefully a bit of everything for you.

We're excited to be working with a few new publishers this time around, adding even more variety to the submission pack.


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

EI Titles up for The Peoples Book Prize

A selection of titles, previously featured in Exclusively Independent, have been chosen for the UK's Library Promotion, The People's Book Prize.

A National competition aimed at discovering talented authors
showcased exclusively at your local library and on the website - with no panel of judges except YOU, the public!

Divided into three categories, fiction, non fiction and children's, readers simply click on the cover image and register their vote. The titles with the most votes in all three categories will go forward as finalists.

The EI Titles featured are:

Kill Grief by Caroline Rance (Picnic Publishing)
Twenty Thousand Saints by Fflur Dafydd (Alcemi)
Grace, Tamar and Laszlo the Beautiful by Deborah Kay Davies (Parthian Books Ltd)
Jasmine's Tortoise by Corinne Souza (Picnic Publishing)
Rumblestrip by Woodrow Phoenix (Myriad Editions)
Empires Apart by Brian Landers (Picnic Publishing)

See for details.

Also included in the list, are titles that have been submitted to the next round of EI. Check back here after the panel meeting to see if they've been successful!


Monday, 5 October 2009

Submissions Call Now Closed!

That's it! The current call for submissions has officially closed. A big thank you to all of the fantastic titles that have been sent in. This cycle is going to be quite the challenge.

The panel meeting is 19 October, where the new ten titles will be selected.

Watch this space for the new list!


Friday, 2 October 2009

Independent Bookshop - Housmans - Blog

Soon reaching its fiftieth birthday at its current site, Housmans is London’s premier radical bookshop and one of Exclusively Independent’s earliest supporters. As well as having that prestigious honour to its name, Housmans is also one of the last bookshops of its kind to still exist in London, and was one of the first when it opened its doors in 1945.

Based in Kings Cross, Housmans sells a wide range of radical literature, including books, pamphlets and an unmatched selection of over 200 magazines dealing with the full spectrum of campaigning issues. The shop also sells a range of campaigning paraphernalia such as t-shirts and badges, hosts regular in-store events and plays an active role within its local community. Recently it has started up a new online shop with over half a million titles that acts as an ethical alternative to Amazon.

Housmans’ roots go back to the great upsurge of the British pacifist movement in the 1930s, marked particularly by the founding of the Peace Pledge Union (PPU). The PPU had its own bookshop as far back as 1936, where people would congregate for talks by founder Dick Sheppard among others, but it wasn’t until the playwright Laurence Housman suggested that there should be a permanent bookshop that promoted ideas of peace and human rights that Housmans was born.
Housmans Bookshop continues to see its role as it has since its foundation. While acknowledging its roots in the peace movement it aims to be a broad-based, non-sectarian shop, encouraging the dissemination of a wide range of progressive and alternative ideas. As the shop's founders recognised, opposing injustice and oppression and the degradation of our planet are prerequisites of a more peaceful society.
See for more information on the company, the full story of its fascinating history and its upcoming fiftieth birthday celebrations on 14th November.