Friday, 6 November 2009

Matt Thomas' Blog

Matt Thomas, author of the M.I Five Series has written a blog for us, in the style of a diary entry, from one of the five main characters, Jake.

Jakes Diary

Well, that was an interesting day to say the least.

It all started innocently enough, I suppose. I was over at MI6 HQ talking to Miles Atkinson, the head of foreign intelligence, about some code breaking I'd been doing for him, when the emergency beacon on my watch went off. I had to run out of the meeting and straight over to headquarters, which I don't think Miles was too happy about.

When I got there, Alex informed me of what was going on. A new autopilot system he had been installing in Hoverpod 1 had gone haywire. Whilst Alex had his back turned, the machine had taken off without permission. The experimental flying machine was now on a joyride over London.

Thankfully, the cloaking device was on, so no Londoners were any the wiser; though by Alex's calculations the machine only had about fifteen minutes worth of fuel left. After that was used up, it would simply drop out of the sky like a stone; possibly hurting someone when it landed, not to mention leading to some awkward questions about what the hoverpod was and where it came from.

Somehow, we had to get the hoverpod to land before that happened. Sarah, Robert and I jumped into Hoverpod 2 to try and find it, whilst Chun Mai and Alex worked on overriding the autopilot programme from the computer room.

Once in the air, we found hoverpod 1 fairly easily - it was flying slowly in circles just above Soho. Unfortunately none of us had thought that far enough ahead to work out how we were actually going to get it to land.

With only about five minutes worth of fuel left, there was no time for a lengthy discussion. I noticed the side door to hoverpod 1 was open, so I asked Robert to steer our hoverpod close to the rogue machine. I opened the door to hoverpod 2, took a deep breath, and leapt across the small gap between the two. With flailing arms, I just about managed to grab hold of the passenger seat. I hauled myself in and breathed a deep sigh of relief.

My relief was short-lived, however. I realised that I was flying two thousand feet above London and would soon be plummeting earthwards, unless I could regain control.

Just then, Chun Mai's voice came over the radio. She had overriden the autopilot. Unfortunately I was almost out of fuel. I turned the hoverpod in the direction of home and gunned the engine. I knew I didn't have enough fuel to make it back, but I thought if I could build up enough speed then maybe I could coast in when the engine finally died.

A mile away from HQ, the engine started to shudder and shake as the last of the fuel worked its way through the engine. I pointed the nose cone at the roof of HQ and crossed my fingers.

I was losing altitude rapidly - it was going to be touch and go. I pulled back on the joystick as hard as I could and shut my eyes tight, as I clipped the edge of the roof and skidded along the tarmac runway towards the hoverpod hangar.

As hoverpod 2 came to a screeching halt, I gingerly opened my eyes and observed the trail of broken bits of hoverpod behind me.

Alex was going to have a hard time fixing this.


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