Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Legend Press launch IndieBooks!

FireworkspurpleIt's been a challenge to develop this fantastic idea, if we can say so ourselves, so promptly, but it's done and IndieBooks - the UK's first collective independent publisher retail site - is live!

With a wide-range of books offering something for everyone, this site is for the many millions of book lovers on the lookout for memorable, even life-changing book - and we strongly believe that independent publishers offer that quality of book in abundance.

The system is almost as beautiful as the books - there will be 50 books on offer from a vast array of publishers and each month the 25 bestselling will remain along with 25 new titles. That way publishers have the chance to showcase and the public can influence the selection by voting with their purchases. All orders will go to the publisher who will dispatch within two working days.

This is truly the alternative place to buy your books and we are hugely excited by this project - it's now down to the customers to make it a huge success.

To go to the site, simply visit http://www.indiebooks.net/


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