Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Paddy Kelly - Operation Underworld

Operation Underworld by Paddy Kelly was published 3 October 2009, by Legend Press. Based on a true story, the book uncovers the truth behind the controversial sinking of the T.L.S Normandie in 1942.

Here is a video of Paddy himself, at the launch in Ireland, acting out a scene from the book.

February,1942: T. L. S. Normandie, the world's most famous luxury liner of the time, has just been set alight and burned to the water-line in New York Harbor initiating widespread panic in fear of German saboteurs. In one of the most controversial decisions of the war, Naval Intelligence opts to approach the only people who can help: the New York Mafia. In the midst of all the double-dealing and uneasy alliances, Mike ‘Doc’ McKeowen, a New York PI, is drawn into events much larger than even he can suspect.

Casting light on the Federal Government’s links with organized crime and how the Boss of Bosses, Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano, laid the cornerstone of the International Drug Cartel, it becomes clear what the Sicilians mean when they say, ‘Due Facce della stessa Medaliglia’.

Titanic was an act of carelessness. Lusitania was an act of war.
Normandie was an act of genius.

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