Monday, 22 March 2010

Emilie Christensen's Blog

Featured in the January cycle of Exclusively Independent, was Duckling Chronicles by Emilie Christensen (Winged Chariot). Winner of the Norwegian Ministry of Culture's First Writer Award, this novella is an intimate dialogue between a girl and her imaginary friend about their experience of loss, anger and courage. Emilie has kindly written a blog for the site:

When I was six years old, little ducklings came visiting us in kindergarten. In CAGES, of all things. One of the ladies who worked there told me that I kept standing in front of this one's cage; always looking out for, asking if he was doing all right, if there was something he needed - yes, simply forgot to climb and dig. And make castles.

I can't say I remember much about that, but what I DO remember, is holding him up against my chin, thinking; this must be the most precious of all Preciousness!

Yesterday I read that crocodiles swallow stones to be able to dive deeper. So instead of saying I'm a writer - because that was certainly never my intention -I can say: I? What am I? A crocodile. Because THAT'S what I did (at least when I wrote 'christmas' - the first part). I swallowed stones. Bunches of them. Andmygoodness they were heavy! But suddenly I could dive. Deeper. Almost reaching the bottom. And then - when being down there - I started writing. While swimming back up.

And POOF! a book. Thanks to the stones.

You should try it sometime!



Esben Esther P. said...

It feels like I can see you down there and rejoice your coming up to deliver.
Esben Esther

Marit said...

You've go the world of words in your hand. Your pictures (with and without words) are wonderful.