Tuesday, 2 March 2010

London Deep - Mogzilla

As mentioned below, one of the featured titles in EI next month is London Deep by Robin Price and Paul McGrory (Mogzilla). This is a fantastic title, containing the best of both worlds: half book, half graphic novel.

Jemima Mallard is having a bad day. First she loses her air, then two kids sink her houseboat, and now the YPD (Youth Police) think she’s mixed up with a criminal called Father Thames. Not even her dad, a Chief Inspector with the ‘Dult Police, can help her out this time. Oh – and London’s still sinking. It’s been underwater ever since the climate upgrade. All in all the girl they call ‘Miss Hap’ is deep trouble.

'This book contains some brilliant cartoon-illustrations drawn by Paul McGrory...Overall I thought this book was great. It would suit most ages.' http://www.childrensbookreviews.co.uk/

To found out more information about this book, click here.


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