Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Roy the Eagle - Loose Chippings

Currently featured in Exclusively Independent is Roy the Eagle by Kate O'Sullivan and David Harfield (Loose Chippings Books).

Priced at £5.99, this paperback contains 28pages of beautiful illustrations as children can follow Roy's adventures as he overcomes all kinds of obstacles. Here are some extracts from the title AI, followed by information about the company behind the book:

What makes us different, brings us together.

Roy is an eagle who wears glasses and, as a result, is teased by all the other eagles. But it is Roy’s glasses that enable him to save all the other eagles when disaster strikes in the forest where they live.
Engagingly told in verse with colourful and forceful illustrations, Roy The Eagle was an instant hit when trialed with Key Stage 1 children (ages 5-6), although it can be read to younger children out loud or read by older children on their own. A teacher at one primary school described the book as brilliant and one of the children said, “It is a story isn’t it, because eagles don’t wear glasses do they?”

Another school has used the book to encourage a young girl who is refusing to wear her glasses. The teacher is very impressed and is looking for a cuddly toy eagle they can put glasses on!

Children can follow Roy’s adventures as he overcomes all kinds of obstacles to discover that the very things that make him different from his friends are what brings them closer together.

Company info:

A small and eclectic range of interesting titles.

Loose Chippings is a small, independent publisher registered with the ISBN Agency. We treat each book individually and work with an author to realise the full potential of the manuscript and bring their book to market.

As a result, our books remain firmly their author’s creation but with the benefit of a publisher’s impartial input.

Readers will find individuality in our books; we hope that the sense that our books are created by authors with something to say, rather than as an exercise to fulfil a marketing plan, will be evident from cover to cover.

Take a look at our titles; there may well be one that appeals to you or someone you know.

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