Friday, 30 April 2010

Guest Blog from Anthony Werner

Featured in the next cycle of Exclusively Independent is Political Novel Prime Minister by John Stewart (Shepheard-Walwyn). Anthony Werner has graciously written a blog regarding this highly topical novel:

The country is in crisis. Unrest and inner city tensions feed on unemployment. As the Government struggles to contain the soaring debt, divisions in the Cabinet force the premier’s resignation. Because circumstances are too dire to afford the luxury of an election, the Queen calls a meeting of the three main party leaders.

Some days previously, the Leader of the Opposition had received a letter that intrigued him. The writer, in fact, had held little hope of making contact. For him, it was one last try. Yet much to his amazement he received a phone call from the opposition leader’s secretary. When they met, the Leader of the Opposition was polite, but blunt: ‘Why should you see the answer when all the experts down the ages have ignored it?’ he asked - yet, his interest had been

Following the meeting with the Queen, it was announced that the Leader of the Opposition had been asked to form a national government. With the support of the other two party leaders, he sets out to win over the cabinet, parliament and the country to implement the radical reform recommended by the letter writer.

Visit Shepheard-Walwyn's site by clicking here and browse among a selection of their other fantastic titles.

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