Friday, 18 June 2010

Guest Blog from Arthur Butler

Featured in the next cycle of Exclusively Independent is People, Politics and Pressure Groups by Arthur Butler (Picnic Books). Below is a great blog by Arthur, giving a fantastic insight into the author behind the memoir...

Following a career as a political correspondent for four national newspapers, Arthur Butler quit Fleet Street and became a lobbyist, quickly winning national recognition by directing three successful campaigns against the Heath Government's local government reform bill, for Cardiff, Essex and Middlesbrough.

Major companies and pressure groups, such as Imperial Tobacco and the British Road Federation, became his clients. At Westminster he took over the prestigious Parliamentary and Scientific Committee and set up other all-party groups linked to industries.

He advised the CBI and the motor vehicle and tobacco industries; helped the Police Federation win major battles on pay which would assist Mrs Thatcher in taking over 10 Downing Street; and was then recruited by local authorities hit by the miners' strike to create the Coalfield Communities Campaign to aid the stricken areas.

International work included assisting the anti-communists in their campaign against Romania's President Ceausescu although bumbling MI5 still thought to question him for possible attachments to the Eastern Bloc.

Colourful crooks - from Robert Maxwell to John Stonehouse - and statesman inhabit the pages, the author's many political friends ranging from Edward Heath to Michael Foot. Credit is also given to lesser known names in the process of politics and lobbying is shown, hopes Butler, to be a valuable tool of democracy.

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