Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fantastic news as former EI author Andrew Sharp has won the Waverton Good Read Award for his fantastic novel The Ghosts of Eden! Congratulations to Andrew and Picnic Publishing for enabling this brilliant book to receive the recognition it deserves.

Here is a short piece from Andrew:

Waverton Village Recipe for the Waverton Good Read Award

Take a large village, stir in sixty-one novels, bake patiently until five rise to the surface, skim those off and taste. Announce winning novel at village fete. Warning: takes nine months to cook.

Since 2003 the village of Waverton in Cheshire has been selecting a debut novel by a British or Irish author to receive the Waverton Good Read Award. The award came to national attention in its first year with author Tony Saint’s article in the Telegraph entitled I’m not even the fifth best novelist in Waverton. Previous winners have included Mark Haddon for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Maria Lewycka for A History of Tractors in Ukrainian, and Tom Rob Smith for Child 44.

The folk of the village, from all walks of life, score the submitted novels using a detailed and telling feedback form. The options for scoring include whether the book has too many clichés, is a man’s or a woman’s book, whether it would make a good film, and whether there is a lot of violence and sex. I’m not sure if the last is a pre-requisite to success. I guess not as I kept above the duvet in my own novel; principally to avoid the risk of being nominated for the Bad Sex in Fiction Award. There is also that most telling question rarely asked by other literary prizes: whether the reader made it through to the final page.

Waverton’s readers were kind enough to like The Ghosts of Eden sufficiently to give it top marks this year and so give approval to the offerings from the hamper of Independent Publishers such as Picnic Publishing.

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