Thursday, 4 October 2012

NGP author Carol Bunyan has an exciting list of events coming up...

List of “Talks” dates at Book Clubs, Award Dinners, Literary Festivals and Book Shops:

9th Oct.  8 pm: Faringdon Book Club Talk/Signing.
10th October: Field Town Ladies (Leafield) “Talk”.    
11th October: CHELTENHAM LITERARY FESTIVAL (A series of “Readings” from the novel) in the Waterstones Book “Tent” at 12pm.
12th October: Bicester Book Club “TALK”.                                                    
20th October : Signing MALVERN (Shop) (Malvern Literary Festival Week).
3rd Nov: WANTAGE LITERARY FESTIVAL: “Talk”and Signing.  (see their website for details).
19th Nov: Sparsholt BOOK CLUB “Talk”.

Dates to be confirmed:
(Nov): Wallingford Book Club “Talk.”
(Nov): U3A “Talk”  and Signing.
(Nov): Speakers Club Night “Talk”.
(Nov/Dec): W.1. Speakers Night “Talk” & Signing.
(Nov/Dec): Oxford Book Club (TBC). ________________________________________________

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